Life+ regulation appoints public or private bodies, actors or institutions as potential beneficiaries of the programme.

The next ones are the beneficiaries in the case of Margal Ulla:

  • Rural Ministry in the Galician Regional Authority - Consellería de Medio Rural de la Xunta de Galicia which is the institution in charge of the coordinating tasks of the project. These ones will be mainly carried out by means of the Nature Conservancy Department (Dirección Xeral de Conservación da Natureza). It will also count on the Agriculture and Fishing Production Department (Dirección Xeral de Producción Agropecuaria) and the Department of Innovation, Agricultural and Forestry Industries (Dirección Xeral de Innovación e Industrias Agrarias e Forestais) in order to carry out actions to mitigate the impact of farming and livestock activities on the fluvial habitat.
  • Universityof Santiago de Compostelawhich, as associated beneficiary, participates in several actions of the project. The university will assist the project by means of the Departments of Genetics, Zoology and Physical Anthropology, which belong to the Veterinary Science College, and/or the Department of Physical Chemistry, in the Chemistry College. Among these actions, it is worth mentioning the detailed inventory of Margaritifera margaritifera populations, the reintroduction and reinforcement of its populations, and the development of a follow-up and surveillance environmental plan of the fluvial habitats of these species.
  • The Autonomous Organization, Augas de Galicia, which also collaborates on the project as associated beneficiary, will support several actions. Among them, it is worth mentioning the detailed inventory and characterization of pollution sources produced by lasting particles, manures, household residual waters and solid waste, as well as the banks’ damaged sections within the area of the project, and the elaboration of actions in order to eliminate obstacles. 
Last updated: 07/03/2011


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