Margal Ulla has designed a series of actions specific to each species and common to both of them that will be carried out along the whole project duration (from 2010 till 2015). It will be started by a series of preparatory actions in order to implement afterwards conservation actions that improve the habitat of Margaritifera margaritifera and Galemys pyrenaicus. Since it is a Life+ project of demonstrative nature, it also includes informative actions as well as actions to raise public awareness and spread its results.

Those actions that will have greater importance and new information will be added as fast as the project progresses. These are pointed out below.

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 Preparatory actions:      

  • A.3: Study of the technical, environmental and economical viability resulting from the demolition of the obstacles that had been proposed.
  • A.4: Detailed inventory of the populations of Margaritifera margaritifera and Galemys pyrenaicus in the Ulla river basin and characterization of their habitat.
  • A.5: Definition of the Management System for M. margaritifera and selection of producers of the pilot project of conservation ex situ.
  • A. 6: Study of the space use and the recovery of Galemys pyrenaicus populations’ connectivity within the Ulla river basin.
  • A.7: Detailed inventory and characterization of pollution source produced by lasting particles, manures, household residual waters and solid waste, as well as the banks’ damaged sections within the area of the project.
  • A.8: Definition of the points in the potential areas in order to plant indigenous species that will function as biological filters in the river basin.
  • A.9: Project presentation before the concerned members.

C. Specific conservation actions – Improvement of conservation and habitat

  • C.1: Improvement of the connectivity of both species’ populations.
  • C.2: Recovery of the fluvial dynamics and adaptation of the areas containing Margaritifera margaritifera’s glochidia by means of traditional constructions, watermills channels, natural spaces, etc.
  • C.3: Environmental restoration of the Ulla river banks and riparian forest wherever they are damaged and application antipollution drainage basin in the rivers banks.
  • C.4: Reintroduction and reinforcement of Margaritifera margaritifera populations in the Ulla river basin.
  • C.5. Implementation of suitable agricultural practices aiming at the improvement quality of the habitat of these species.
  • C.6: Elaboration of environmental guidelines for watercourse management (felling authorization, fluvial water taking, river fishing…).

D.Specific actions of spreading

  • D.1: Environmental education with farmers and livestock farmers.
  • D.2: Drawing up of documentary video containing the follow-up actions of the project.
  • D.3: Seminar to launch the project.
  • D.5 Final publication of the Project.
  • D.7: International closing seminar.

E.Actions for public awareness and spread of results

  • E.4: Working group of concerned bodies.
  • E.6: Follow-up plan and environmental surveillance.
  • E.8: Working network with other projects.
  • E.9: Conservancy plan following Life+
Last updated: 07/03/2011


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